We are a Germany-based  International Development and Investment Promotion Agency (IDIPA), situated in the Hamburg Metropol.

The city of Hamburg is in many ways an amazing city. It is not only the trendsetter of the evolving German culture but it also sets the pace and the tone in connecting the country with the outside world.

This is why we decided this was the perfect place to set up Zimgerm IDIPA, the bridge to a revolutionary exchange of technology and business culture, between Zimbabwe and Germany.



The two countries share a lot and can offer each other a profitable bilateral partnership, if only they trust each other enough.

Zimgerm was created to develop that trust and foster the partnership, based on our team's excellent knowledge of the socio- economic cultures of both countries.

We bring investors and project owners together.

Then we assist them in a triangular three-way system, with strategic expert tools such as navigation and communication on the Zimbabwean market till completion of implemented projects.


Our aim