The Bread basket of Africa



Zimbabwe is a beautiful country whose potential is greater than that of many African countries due to its abundance in natural resources, the geographical position which gives it a mild and lovely climate and the mentality of the people who are not extremist in any direction. If this potential were properly utilized or taken advantage of diligently, all roads would lead to that beautiful teapot shaped country south of the Equator.

The only thing standing in the way of its shine is the political uncertainty caused by the bad luck of being a former colony therefore under the control of the liberation commanders who always harbor the idea that due to their sacrifices, they own the country.

There is a lot that has transpired since independence, the political landscape was catapulted to the equivalent of Europes' middle ages where the power and culture were going through a major transformation. Zimbabwe is still in the middle of the struggle. It is possible to assume that just as all children on earth must follow the same procedure of being born, then learning to stand up, to crawl and finally to walk before they can run, nations and cultures must also go through the learning and growing process before they can arrive at calling themselves democratic. This is the hope that many hold so dear, well hidden in their hearts, that someday all the pain and suffering will be over, replaced by sunshine and prosperity. Neville G