About us


Core Values

We are deeply committed to giving Zimbabwe the great face it deserves on the world platform by being professional and hardworking to satisfy our business partners.

We do not only believe, but we know that our efforts are going to go a long way in transforming the opinion of doing business in Zimbabwe.

Our advantage compared to other entities with the same passion is, that we have a team that is well versed with the most important elements needed for international transactions between Zimbabwe and Germany.

  • We know the mentality,
  • we speak both languages fluently and
  • we know the socio-economic positions of both countries.

That combined with our knowledge of the political structures as well as our training as trade specialists, we can make sound predictions about the future business relationship between the two countries. This makes us the best partners to work with.

The Advantage

For Zimbabwe, a country with 90% adult literacy, the highest in the whole of Africa, meaning intelligent people who are quick to learn and adopt advanced business processes,  will profit from the desperately needed infrastructural assistance from Germany, as partner who has made the biggest leaps and bounds to become the strongest economy in Europe in record time.

And Germany will get the chance to set foot in Zimbabwe and build a new and better relationship with the continent again. The move will help to leverage Germany 's position against strong competitors like China and England or Russia who are also vying for a chunk in Africa.

The added bonus is, that assisting the economic development of Southern Africa, especially Zimbabwe with its central position in Africa, will help divert the attention of Asylum seekers from heading north and then to Europe, to the south of Africa instead.

People are driven by visions of greener pastures, and when a particular area seems greener, the people will flock there.

After Germany has strengthened the friendship with Zimbabwe, it can profit from the wealth offered by Zimbabwe's best climate for some of its citizens as home and tourist destination in a safe country, as well as a healthy supply of raw materials and food production possibilities for its 84 million citizens.