Neville Gombakomba
Chief Executive Officer
CEO and founder Neville Gombakomba is a qualified expert in International Trade Management, International Relations Management, IT Infrastructure Administration and Marketing. Starting as team worker and rising to become a leader of Dax listed companies in Germany, Neville proved his ambitious and co-operative leadership personality. He is an IHK graduate and holds a Certificate as System Administrator.
Christin Koertig
Operations Manager
Miss Koertig brings her experience as qualified Accountant and Progect Manager to assist Zimgerm coordinate its operations on the German Market. Her knowledge of the German culture and her passion for international business have been influential in the establishing of Zimgerm. She rounds her character well up with a strong personality that is goal oriented but remains friendly and a team player.

Administration/Advisory/ Assistance

Ralph Krause
Ralph is our CRM who is assisting with the administration of the approved strategies. As team player he also contributes to the strategy formulation process.
Sophie Möller
Sophie is an assistant to the operations Manager and helps with her experience in Aquisition to source German businesses looking for opportunities in Africa.
Christin Roth
Christin is a Tax and Corporate Lawyer. She assists Zimgerm on her independent capacity on subjects relating to the small print on the German corporate law.
Kevin Schroder
Kevin is an MBA and works as Analyst and Investment Portfolio Manager. He assists Zimgerm on a regular basis with Business Analysis and Investor aquisition strategy.


Neville Gombakomba

Christin Koertig




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