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Paradigm Shift

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Africa in general

The conversation about Africa as a whole is shifting from one of deficits and gaps to one about opportunities, prospects, ventures and creativity. The fast-growing youth population, the urbanization driving over 60% from rural areas to cities, and Africa’s formalizing economy are all signs of the long awaited "African Renaissance". There is no better time to jump on the train than now. 

Africa Needs Connectors

Africa is diversifying

Customers are changing

African trade barriers are falling

Digital transformation

Sustainable development


Globalization means there are too few remaining frontiers. As the developed world matures, and becomes increasingly difficult to trade in as a result of a number of factors, from legislation to terrorism, opportunities for corporate growth are limited.


There are now too few places where entrepreneurs and businesses with ideas and an appetite for risk can bring value and find long-term growth if they are persistent, creative and determined. But there’s something else they need to know: Africa is still such a place.

ZimGerm As Connector

We are looking at building solid contacts with businesses in both countries.

In Germany

Businesses that are interested in investing in new companies, or running existing ones together with Zimbabwean partners.

In Zimbabwe 

Businesses that are looking for financial resources or partners to start or expand their projects.

Due Diligence

Zimgerm as Selector

For every company that will join Zimgerm as a trusted company, there will have been a thorough investigation of its assets and all the relevant persons involved, - from leaders and general workers, suppliers, creditors and debtors etc, - to ensure that what is on paper is also what is on the ground.

All details will go under the microscope before they are taken as facts, to make sure that Zimgerm moves in tune with the project's progress.
Fine-selection methods

Zimgerm as Overseer

After the company has been approved, there will be an agreement between the company and Zimgerm to let Zimgerm view the company's books at all times and take necessary measures if the company is not working torwads fullfilling the agreed contract. Zimgerm will also be there to assist with innovation ideas to keep the company on the growth trajectory.

Constant Process Monitoring
Constant Process Monitoring

Zimgerm As Arbitrator

Zimgerm will act as the information center as well as arbitrator between the investor and the Zimbabwean company in cases of communication problems. The Zimgerm professional team on the Zimbabwean side will gather data about the status and activities of the companies and upload it to Zimgerm. Then Zimgerm communicates with the investors either straight away or on demand. Our Motto here is: It is better to prevent the baby from falling into the well than having to pull it out afterward.

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Arbitration and Mediation
Arbitration and Mediation