Our Services

The Four Core Functions:

  • Image building.
  • Investment generation.
  • Project management.
  • Aftercare services.

This includes an advocacy function to cover the vagaries of the investment climate.




  • Search for Partners and Investors to implement PPPs.
  • Search for Investors to finance old or new projects in Zimbabwe.
  • Negotiate and setup the communication channels between Investor and Project.
  • Assist the Investor with navigation on the Zimbabwean business platform
  • Investor database. Investor resource center
  • Marketing



  • Search for PPP projects in Zimbabwe
  • Search for viable projects to develop in Zimbabwe.
  • Search for clients with viable projects who need financing.
  • Due Deligence to evaluate the credibility and seriousness of the project and its elements.
  • Engage with the government ministries for legal and permit issues
  • Enable Best Practices
  • Market monitoring

The X Factor 

The difference between (1) other IPAs or (2) Investment management entities and us is, that we do not limit our services to providing information or managing the investor's capital the way the above mentioned do. Instead, we go a step further and enable the investor to be part of the process of creating his income himself by enabling him to contribute other assets like technical know-how that will aid the successful completion of the project.

The Advantage

This transparency and openess is a special form of value exchange which creates a win win case for all stakeholders. It stops being typically only about money making, where faceless investors put their money in an investment bank and collect their devidents later without caring about what their money was used for. Instead, its about participation in getting important projects completed for the benefit of a country and its people, while at the sametime earning lots of money.

We earn our income through commission in percent (%)

From Investor:

Percent (%) commission of capital for:

  1. finding the qualitative and most viable projects.
  2. taking care of the legal requirements, (permits, compliances)
  3. providing safity assurance, both legally and politically.
  4. providing information about the projects status or progress.
  5. Mitigating in cases of misunderstanding with the projects party
  6. Finding suitable accomodation or office space when necessary.
  7. Assistance with the authorities till completion of the project.

From Project:

Percent (%) of:

  • the cost of the project, or
  • the generated investment for:
  1. Searching for the investors and directing them to the project
  2. Assistance with arbitration in cases of disputes with investors.
  3. Assistance with innovation information when needed.

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What is our leverage? Why should you choose us in place of XYZ?

We are 100% knowledgeable about:

  • the Language,
  • the Politics,
  • the Social system,
  • the Economic and
  • Security culture of both countries.

We assist the investor in finding the most rewarding project to invest in, while helping Zimbabwean businesses find the financing they require. Our advanced knowledge and monitoring activities put us in a good position to guarantee the security of the investor's capital.

Our Team constitutes:

  • Legal experts
  • Accounting experts
  • Controllers
  • Technical experts and more,

-all passionate and experienced in fields necessary for the monitoring of processes in the companies. We liase with the relevant institutions to pave way for a cleaner and corruption free processing of documents.  Our endevour here is to keep political influence, which is the fertile ground for corruption, as far outside of the projects as possible.