Brandenburger Tor - Berlin
Brandenburger Tor - Berlin

Our Services

The Four Core Functions:

  • Image building.
  • Investment generation.
  • Project management.
  • Aftercare services.

This includes an advocacy function for the investment climate.

Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

Image Building

This is where we talk about Zimbabwe, highlighting its potential as business partner.

Investment Generation

The Services



  • Search for Partners and Investors to implement PPPs.
  • Search for Investors to finance old or new projects in Zimbabwe.
  • Negotiate and setup the communication channels between Investor and Project.
  • Assist the Investor with navigation on the Zimbabwean business platform
  • Investor database. Investor resource center
  • Marketing



  • Search for PPP projects in Zimbabwe
  • Search for viable projects to develop in Zimbabwe.
  • Search for clients with viable projects who need financing.
  • Due Deligence to evaluate the credibility and seriousness of the project and its elements.
  • Engage with the government ministries for legal and permit issues
  • Enable Best Practices
  • Market monitoring

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After you have registered your business, we will get in touch with you for further steps. Let us know what you have in mind.

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Project management


The Team of experts on the Zimbabwean side will do the ground work of periodically monitoring the processes in the FC (Financed Companies) and reporting back to Zimgerm so that required measures can be taken on time.

All companies listed as VC (Valued Companies) will have an Expert Account (EA) on the Zimgerm Server where Project Data will be serviced and stored. The corresponding Zimgerm Expert (ZE)will also be the first contact person for the Financed Company (FC).

What is our leverage? Why should you choose us in place of XYZ?

Here is why..

We are 100% knowledgeable about:

  • the Language
  • the Politics,
  • the Social system,
  • the Economic and
  • Security culture of both countries.

On one hand we assist the investor in finding the most rewarding and most safe project to invest in in Zimbabwe. And on the other, we help struggling Zimbabwean businesses find the financing they require. Our advanced monitoring systems help us not only to guarantee the security of the investor's capital, but also to ensure the successful completion of implemented projects.

And the Tools..

Our Team constitutes:

  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Controlling and
  • Technical experts

We liase with the relevant government institutions to pave way for a cleaner, faster  and corruption free processing of documents. Our guiding spirit here is to always try to keep political influence as far outside of the projects as possible.


Aftercare Services

After engaging the contracting parties, we continue to be present between the two, monitoring and assisting them in communication, mitigation and other necessary needs.


The investor can be assured, that we will always keep him informed early enough about any changes or special situations arrising at the project site. The key here is clearly to avoid or minimise the need to seek outside help (state legal system) to arbitrate. Through our monitoring services, we can identify all potential derailments early on and together with the investor and project work out the best correctional measures to take.


The project owner can rely on us to communicate their needs effectively and keep them in tune with new technologies that can assist them in productivity. We also work hand in hand with him in securing viable markets for their export produce in the European Union.