We earn our income through commission in percent (%), which varies depending on the amount of work invested.

From Investor:

Percent (%) commission of capital for:

  1. finding the qualitative and most viable projects.
  2. taking care of the legal requirements, (permits, compliances)
  3. providing safity assurance, both legally and politically.
  4. providing information about the projects status or progress.
  5. Mitigating in cases of misunderstanding with the projects party
  6. Finding suitable accomodation or office space when necessary.
  7. Assistance with the authorities till completion of the project.

From Project:

Percent (%) commission of:

  • the cost of the project, or
  • the generated investment for:
  1. Searching for the investors and directing them to the project
  2. Assistance with arbitration in cases of disputes with investors.
  3. Assistance with innovation information when needed.